Oboe Reeds

All our reeds are made from hand-gouged Cogolin cane, tied on to 47mm brass staples.

  • Soft reeds - free, easy blowing, have good intonation and tone, and are especially suitable for beginners.
  • Medium-Soft reeds - a good body, a responsive and good tone, and good intonation. They will suit intermediate players and upwards.
  • Medium reeds - a good body, responsive and round sound, and will suit players looking for a more substantial reed.
  • Medium-Hard reeds - very substantial and are for players who like a lot of resistance or like to adjust their reeds to their own personal specification.

Staples Oboe Reed Gouged Cane

Our reeds are a typical u-shape scrape and have a free round sound. If you require anything different please ring us for a chat.

We have used many types of cane over the years and have found Cogolin the most reliable and consistent, yielding the best results.

Reed Blanks: Tied on for you to scrape yourself – all the boring bits already done.

Profiled Reeds: Scraped almost to playing standard – ready for you to finish to your own specification.

Gouged and Shaped Cane: Hand gouged Cogolin cane shaped to our own individual shape.

Gouged Cane

Reed-making Accessories

  • Reedcase for 3 reeds
  • Oboe cutting block
  • Oboe mandrel
  • Convex Blackwood plaque
  • Bevel Edge knife

All reeds are sterilised before despatch.