About us

We live and work on the coast of Suffolk in East Anglia, the most easterly point in the country. We have been making and selling oboe reeds commercially for over 20 years dealing with clients ranging from beginners to professionals, from major double reed shops to Local Education Authorities.

We strive to produce reliable, consistent and reasonably priced reeds suitable for all players.

"I started making reeds at the age of 13, simply because it was very difficult to find a good quality reed at a reasonable price. My dad who is an engineer/toolmaker encouraged me to make my own, and later helped me design and make tools to my specifications. Things just grew from there…."

"Although I came into the business after my wife, I soon realised that the challenge, and indeed the interest, for me was that every reed is different – each has its own peculiarities, its own special requirements."

Rosalyn Mace Richard Mace

All reeds are sterilised before despatch.